Love Strongly.

Yesterday started like most any other day. I set my alarm for 6 am, but still didn't wake up till 7:10 when Gunner started stirring. We ate breakfast, watched an episode of Little Einsteins still in our pajamas. 

Around 8:00 am I heard the news of the Dallas firefighter trapped in a burning condo. Just an hour or so later I watched as firefighters and police lined the sidewalks, his body carried out by his brothers in the service. A husband, a father, a hero...draped with an American flag. His name was Stan Wilson. He was the uncle of a friend from high school.

Around 4:00 pm I heard of the devastation that was occurring in Moore, Oklahoma. Meteorologists kept saying that it's nearly impossible to survive a tornado of this magnitude. The death toll rose through out the evening. Roofs collapsing, storm shelters flooding on elementary school children and teachers. 

Gunner and I ended our evening playing in the backyard breeze and eating animal crackers. I kind of needed that escape from the bad news. I bathed Gunner, put him in pajamas, and let him stay up past his bed time. I soaked in his smell and little giggles knowing that some parents wouldn't be doing that before bedtime that night. 

I don't really have anything to say except that my heart is hurting for all of those affected by these tragedies. A firefighter death is always a sobering reminder of my husband's job. And an unspeakable, natural disaster is always a reminder of how little control we have over this life. 

I want to finish with a quote from a friend whose family was deeply affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. His mother in law survived the tornado after being stuck under her collapsed house for a few hours. This is a direct quote from his Facebook status last night...
"Today started like a normal day and dramatically changed in a moment. Here is what I know to be true...if you are investing your time and resources into things instead of people and relationships, you are doing life all wrong. Love strongly. Don't be afraid to let people know you care. Spend your life building relationships and don't worry so much about stuff. In times of crisis your "stuff" will be of little help, but the people you invest in will astound you with their willingness to be present when needed most. God is good."


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