An Adoption Update & Going Analog

Hi friends. How has your week been?
I can't believe it's already Friday, I feel like this week has really just flown by. This week, Gunner had his two week post op appointment to check on his tubes and the doctor said his ears look perfect. We're so glad. He also hasn't had any signs of other sickness since his tubes were put in, which is pretty miraculous considering we used to be at the pediatrician's office at least once a month before.  
Just a small adoption process update. We just submitted all of the paperwork necessary for our home study and we have an appointment for our physicals and fingerprinting next week. There are many, many more steps to come but we've been trucking along. We sent out our first support letters last week AND sold our spare truck for $1,500 more than we really "needed." Praise God!

I did want to address one other quick thing in regards to the adoption. We will not be sharing the specific country in Africa that we will be adopting from on my blog or social media of any form. It has nothing to do with you guys, but everything to do with the safety and concern of our future son. Your support has been so incredible and we want to continue being open and honest about the process, BUT this specific thing will be kept to us. Thank you for understanding.

How about a few Instagram photos from the past few weeks? If you aren't following me on IG already, I'd love to have you. You can find my account, here

 1 // Starbucks. Thanks, Bold Butter Baby!  2 // Date night.  3 // Bedhead cutie.
 1 // My angel.  2 // First round of support letters being sent out.  3 // Bath time looked a little bit like alphabet soup.
1 // Reading time during nap time.  2 // Measure cups are his new favorite toy.  3 // Fresh, colorful veggies for dinner.
This weekend I'm planning to participate in The Tiny Twig's Analog Weekend; so I'll be saying goodbye to social media from Friday evening to Sunday evening, in hopes to experience true relaxation and true creativity in my life. I won't lie, this is probably gonna be pretty difficult, BUT I'm excited to try. 
See you guys on Monday! xo 
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