Time For Tubes

  A day at the park.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that Gunner has had A TON of ear infections...as in five ear infections in six months. They've been quite the annoyance in our household and have often been paired with other fun sicknesses like RSV or the flu. 

Almost a month ago, our pediatrician referred us to a pediatric ENT (ear-nose-throat) doctor in regards to his "chronic" ear infections. We finally saw the ENT on Tuesday and were told he'd need tubes put into his ears. It's a pretty minor surgery. The doctor said he'd be back in my arms within 15 minutes of the procedure being started. I kind of expected that he'd be getting tubes, so right now, my momma heart is pretty calm about it.

We were excited to hear that the addition of tubes could not only help get rid of ear infections but could also help out Gunner's speech and walking, although he is definitely not behind. Gunner babbles all day, but no "true" words yet. His pediatrician does count the "word" he uses when he sees people that kind of resembles a "hi," and she doesn't seem concerned at his lack of speech. He also isn't walking which has been a shocker to everyone, including me. He started crawling and pulling up on things at six months so I think we all thought he'd be an early walker too. Again, no concern from the pediatrician but other people have things to say.

If you're a mom, you know the dreaded time you hear a question like -- "He's STILL not walking?" or "Oh, so he STILL hasn't said mama or dada yet?" Frustrating and hurtful when you feel like people are insinuating that your child is behind. And while I know that it is so often done out of genuine concern, I wish people could hear how they sound. 

Anyways, the tubes should help Gunner's overall coordination, balance, and equilibrium which will help with his walking. The doctor said some kids come straight home and just walk. Crazy, huh? It will also help his speech because the constant fluid in his ears from the ear infections has most likely been muffling everything he hears. The doctor said Gunner wouldn't pass a hearing test today, but he will go in for one two weeks after the tubes are put in to make sure that there isn't any delay in hearing or speech. 

For now, I'd love your prayers that Gunner doesn't get any ear infections before March 29th, his surgery date. Another ear infection could push the surgery back and we really don't want that. Also pray that I stay calm and easy about this procedure. While it is minor, he will still be going under anesthesia and that gets me a little anxious. 

Thanks for the prayer and concern, y'all! xo

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