The Tattoo Reveal

Last month, I asked you to consider donating money to the $1,000 Tattoo Project goal. And you showed up BIG, not only meeting the goal, but exceeding it. Through your donations we were able to provide care for FOUR orphans in Africa.

I am still humbled and amazed by it all. Prior to last week, I'm sad to say that there were some days that The Tattoo Project didn't even cross my mind. I'm sure some of that is because life is busy and things have continued to happen past that project, but I also believe that Satan wants us to be quick to forget. So the evil one throws struggles and doubt in our paths, hoping to cause us to forget what was accomplished and what good, loving people still fill this world.

Last week, I fulfilled my part of The Tattoo Project. I got that BIG tattoo I'd always wanted. I spent a few weeks considering the design and then finally made the appointment. The whole process was incredible. I had some great conversations about faith, and Jesus, and grace with the artist, I'll probably write about those another time, but it was so great to reach a goal and do what I originally sat out to do.

I've waited a few days to show the tattoo because a larger piece tends to stay swollen and sometimes scab for a few days after. It still has some healing to do, you can see it's kind of flaky/peeling right now, but today, I am happy to share it with you. 

And a close up of the details (forgive the flakiness/peeling)...

The two roses are just something pretty and feminine. Knowing that I wanted to get the tattoo done in a more prominent place like my arm, I wanted it to be somewhat delicate. I love the muted reds that my artist used.

The pocket watch is to represent waiting on the Lord's timing and was inspired by this quote (originally talked about here) from George Muller -- "You must remember to give God time. This waiting on God to act is how we learn how faithful God is. God proves to his child how willing He is to help and deliver, but first God must see that you are willing to wait on Him." The colors in the pocket watch are still pretty dark and drastic but that will change once the colors have settled a little more.

And lastly, a little detail that you might not notice immediately is the fact that the time on the pocket watch is 1:27, representing James 1:27 and our call as Christians to care for the widows and orphans. While James 1:27 was an important verse to me before, it will forever hold significance to me in regards to this project. 

If you think you'd like to participate in a Purpose Project but are a little unsure of direction, I'd love for you to email me so I can offer some encouragement, advice, and prayer.

Thank you again for joining with me on this and helping make a difference. I am so proud to know giving people like you, and so humbled that you would share your giving spirits through this project.

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