St. Patrick's Day Crafts For The Non-Crafter

I'll be honest, I'm not a big holiday decorator. Of course, I decorate for Christmas, but the "minor" holidays like St. Patrick's Day don't really get a lot of attention in my home. BUT, that's something I want to change, especially as Gunner grows and crafts will be something we can do together. 

That being said, I am not the most crafty person. I'm okay, but not great. And, I like my projects to be simple and short. If a project requires lots of skill, steps, or time, I will most likely get distracted and quit in the middle of it. Just ask that wooden rocking horse that's sitting in our garage waiting to have "Gunner" stenciled on it.

So, today, I've compiled nine super simple St. Patrick's Day projects. None of these require extreme skill or tons of time. Plus, I think they're all pretty cute -- not obnoxiously out there with rainbows and leprechauns...sorry if your whole house is currently decorated with leprechauns, it's just not my thing.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

I think I'll tackle the shamrock bouquet and the felt garland over the next few days. I have some green scrapbook paper and left over craft sticks that would work great for the "bouquet," and I made a similar felt garland for Gunner's birthday, so I know it's simple. 

If you like the bouquet idea but don't have any fun, green scrapbook paper, maybe just cut the shamrocks out of regular white paper and have your kiddos color them. And if you like the felt garland idea and you don't sew, you can easily create the same look with a little hot glue on the back of each circle. I say make DIY projects work for what you have, don't go out and buy a ton of stuff!

Think you'll try any of these? Or do you have any simple St. Patrick's Day crafts that I should try? xo
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