Last night, I drank a cup of tea out of the "simplify" mug seen above. I found it in the back of our cabinet, not really sure where it came from or who might've left it at our house, but I loved finding it. I've been thinking about simplifying a lot lately. Sometimes I feel really torn about all of my goals and to-do's and I just want to live simply. I'm not exactly sure what is "simple" for me, but I would really like to find out.
I think one way I'd like to simplify is to go back to my "roots" in regards to this blog. For instance, I used to do this little thing called iPhone Photo Dump every Friday. I shared all of my Instagram photos from that week and gave a little recap of our week. I don't really know why I stopped, but I've really missed those posts lately. So, here's to their come back! And if you're not already following me on IG, you can do so here.
 1 // Paint color one. 2 // Shopping for paint color two. 3 // Grey walls + paper lanterns.
Over the past two weeks we have been redoing Gunner's playroom. A month or so ago I painted it a bright aqua but was never really a fan, so I decided to go for a grey. Unfortunately, during our painting process, the first two gallons were mixed wrong so we had to go back for two gallons that were the right color. I love the grey color that we eventually ended up with.
1 //  Vintage loral stand::livelaughadopt IG shop. 2 // 60's shift dress:: HipToBeSquareChic IG shop. 3 // Gorgeous afghan::DevanRoseThrift IG shop.
I've also been finding lots of joy in vintage and thrifted finds lately. All of my finds have been purchased through the IG shops I listed above, I rarely seem to find pieces in thrift stores on my own, but I'm definitely wanting to step out and try a little more. Couple that with the fact that Gunner will actually tolerate sitting in a shopping cart now, I see some thrift store adventures on our hands. 
This weekend we have plans for family time and more work on Gunner's playroom. 
Do you have anything exciting planned? xo 
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