Tell Me Your Thoughts!

I know that this space is usually about me -- what I'm learning, how I'm growing, sometimes what I'm wearing -- or my family, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about you guys and what you enjoy.

Recently, my friend Mary did a blog survey and was able to pull some really great results from it. I'd thought about doing one before, but when she posted all of the things she'd learned about her readers and their preferences from her survey, I knew I had to do my own.

Today, I'm asking that you take a brief survey for me so that I can learn more about YOU and more about what you'd like to see on my blog. The survey is ONLY ten questions and most of them are multiple choice. 

If you choose to take the survey (which I really hope you do!) you will be entered to win large ad space (and all the perks that come with it) on my blog for 2 months. Just a little thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts and opinions.

Please note that it isn't mandatory for you to use your name if you just want to submit the survey, but if you want to be entered in the giveaway, you must leave your first name and last name initial. 

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