One Year Old

Dear Gunner,

Tomorrow you will be one year old. I can't believe it.

I am completely in awe of you and how you have changed me. I hate that some days go by and I don't stop and appreciate how wonderful you are and what a special gift you have been to my life. Life can get busy and the days can be long, but this year has been so short. It makes me a little sad to think how quickly the first year flew by, I can't imagine what the next years will be like. 

I love to watch you and your little personality unfold. You are focused like your Daddy. You are stubborn like your Mama. And you have this exuberance for life. It is so refreshing. I hope you never lose that. You love the trees, and the wind, and you really love dogs. You love everything to it's fullest extent. Some days I just want to keep you sheltered in this home so that no one can take away your joy. I don't want you to hurt. I don't want you to see the bad in the world. Right now, to you, this world is the most perfect place. I could learn a lot from that attitude. I hope you'll always see the beauty in the world.

Today, Gunner, I want to promise one thing to you. I will always love you for exactly who you are and not for who I want you to be. I won't force things, activities, hobbies on you. I never felt that way when I was growing up, but I know a lot of kids who did.

You currently love to play with a skillet of ours. When I put it in the kitchen cabinet, you open the doors and dig till you find it. You'd sit and just spin the skillet for hours if I let you. Your Daddy and I were laughing the other day about your skillet obsession, and that's when I realized that I want you to love whatever you want...even if it's a skillet. Sure, it'd be a little eccentric to be obsessed with skillets your whole life, but if they made you happy, I'd be okay with it. I want you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do, no matter what others may think or say. And I want you to know that your Daddy and I will always love you for it and through it.

You are the one who made me a mommy. My first born. My first son. I will never ever stop loving you. Happy birthday, big boy! You are my world.


Your Mama

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