Kiddo Style: Finding Classic & Affordable Pieces

Before I had Gunner, I never knew I'd find so much joy in kid's clothes, I probably like buying them more than buying clothes for myself. And I'm a firm believer that little boys clothes are every bit as fun as little girls clothes! But as much as I like buying clothes for Gunner, you must know that we're a single income household. All of our purchases are thought out and saved for, including Gunner's clothes. That means I stick to places where I can find quality clothes for an affordable price. 

One of my favorite places to buy Gunner's clothes from is Old Navy. The prices are affordable and you can find a good mix of trendy items and classic items. For Gunner, I buy a lot of polos, striped tshirts, and graphic tees because you can easily style them with other pieces. I usually try to buy a few "trendy" pieces here and there, but stick to basics that are functional. 

Last weekend I hit up Old Navy's Kids & Baby Sale, and I struck gold...bright colors and graphic patterns galore! I had a $75 gift card to spend, so in the end I only ended up paying $35 for all of my items. I was able to grab four pairs of shorts, four tshirts, two polos, two pairs of cotton pants, a swim top, a baseball cap, and a onesie for what I'd usually spend on half of those items.  

Here's Gunner rocking one of my favorite things for little boys, a polo. I should probably preface these photos and say that it's near impossible to get a hyperactive one year old to sit still BUT I did my best to capture a few pictures as he played in his playroom.

Old Navy Kid's and Baby Sale
Old Navy Kid's and Baby Sale
Old Navy Kid's and Baby Sale

Old Navy's prices are always great but I don't think I paid more than $10 for any item during this sale! Plus, so many of the shirts and shorts will work with other items he already has in his closet. For instance, the Curious George firefighter graphic tee that I bought will be perfect with a pair of bright red shorts he already owns. Being able to mix and match pieces is essential when you're on a budget.

If you're looking to add some new pieces to your kiddo's closet, Old Navy's Kids & Baby Sale runs till the 20th of February -- in stores & online! Let me know if you purchase anything in the sale, I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing the pair of toddler boys green skinny jeans that I loved.

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