Gunner: Eleven Months

Since Gunner will be a year old a week from today (hold me), I thought I should go ahead and post his eleven months update. I don't know if I'll do an update for month twelve, but I do have a letter to Gunner to share next week. I'm also not sure if I'll continue monthly updates past the year mark, I guess we'll see.

So before my baby is no longer a baby, here he is in all of his eleven month glory!

You've taken a few steps but nothing more than that. You're so steady when you're standing and you could easily walk, I know you will when you're ready. Since you started crawling at six months, I think you're just really comfortable moving that way. This is also the first month in probably five months that you haven't been sick or had an ear infection. Hallelujah!
You've become a good napper, but you're still an early riser -- that's okay, I enjoy morning cuddles and watching Little Einsteins with you. 

Chicken. Turkey. Ham. Cheese. Fruits. Veggies. Waffles. Everything. Mac & cheese is definitely your favorite though
You cry when you get frustrated, like if you can't reach something or get something to move...even then, it's not much of a cry. 

Sharing your pacifier -- Momma gets it all the time
Moose, our dog
Being tickled
Crawling off and playing in a quiet room by yourself
Your stroller..bummer
Having your fingernails clipped

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