Okay, so I know I promised details and pictures of Gunner's first birthday party, but I really want to take time to plan out and write that post with cost breakdowns and such, so that'll just have to wait till next week.

For now, I thought I'd do a "currently" post. I haven't done one in quite awhile and I always love sharing little bits and pieces of life that don't necessarily make it onto the blog.
Loving: Smoothies. Cody and I are working really hard to eat clean and a really easy way for me to do that, especially for breakfast, is by making a smoothie. I pack all of my smoothies with spinach, kale, and tons of fruits. So good.

Anticipating: Sharing full photos of my tattoo with you guys. Yep, I fulfilled my part of The Tattoo Project and got the big tattoo I've always wanted. I want to share pictures so bad but want to wait until it his healed a little bit. I did post a sneak peek on Instagram if you'd like to see that. But be on the look out for full pictures next week.
Thinking About: Motherhood and how it has changed me. I am amazed at how much I have changed, that I am such a mama bird. And completely humbled that the Lord chose me and Cody to raise Gunner. Probably will be a post on this soon.

Listening To: Cody and Gunner watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse next to me. We're having a really, really rough night of teething. Really, really rough = no sleeping.

Reading: Several books, I feel like I don't have enough time! It's mostly non ficiton books for me right now -- The Connected Child, Shepherding Your Child's Heart, and Eat To Live.

Watching: New Girl and Smash! I love them both. We're thinking we'll start watching Mad Men or Walking Dead on Netflix here pretty soon. Do you have a series we need to check out?
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