A Super Simple Dessert

I hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day! Since Cody and I celebrated on Tuesday to avoid any crowds, I've spent most of my day getting things ready for Gunner's birthday party (which is this Saturday) and tonight we'll have my Dad and little brother over for dinner. But, just because we celebrated on Tuesday, doesn't mean I can let the day pass without a little Valentine recognition.
Last week, HEB contacted me about visiting one of their stores and they provided me with a few gift cards too, so dinner and dessert for tonight are courtesy of HEB -- thanks, guys! If you're in Texas, you must visit an HEB store if you have one close to you. Their selection is incredible. The closest HEB to us is about 40 minutes away, but it's worth the trip every time I go.
I went simple with the meal plan for tonight. We'll be having chips & queso, Mexican rice, and tacos..a true Tex-Mex meal, but the dessert has a little a Valentine's Day flair.
I bought some Klondike ice cream bars and red sprinkles at HEB and had the intention of cutting the ice cream bars into heart shapes with my heart shape cookie cutter..but that didn't go as planned since the ice cream bars collapsed as soon as I tried to push the cookie cutter down. So, I went with plan B and just sprinkled the sides with the red sprinkles. I then wrapped each ice cream bar in a plastic bag and tied it off with red yard that I had in my craft closet. 
Here's how they turned out...

Ice Cream Dessert from HEB

I'll admit that this little dessert "recipe" is nothing complicated, but I think the finished product is super cute and yummy. I think we'll have a few left so we can enjoy for the next few days too!

Fine print: I was provided an HEB gift card in exchange for this post. However, all opinions of their store and products are 100% mine.
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