The Tattoo Project

Happy New Year! I have a good feeling about the year 2013, and today I am kicking it off with a big announcement of a month long project here on my blog. I hope you will continue reading and learn how together we can change and bless four little lives.

Tattoos. You probably didn't know that I have any..but, I do. I have three small on my shoulder, one on my foot, and one on my wedding ring finger...but I've always wanted a big one. There's nothing in particular holding me back; my family doesn't mind tattoos, I can deal with the pain, I just have never taken the jump. In October, when I met the people behind Mocha Club, I knew that I'd finally found my reason to go for it. I wanted the tattoo, but I wanted to make it count.

You can check out my tattoo project video to learn more, or continue reading below...

Here's the deal...I know that tattoos are a little controversial. I know that tattoos are plenty painful. But tattoos have little to nothing to do with this. The tattoo is a motivation, but not the most important end goal. This is about the children, the babies, the orphans, who we, as Christians, are called to provide for. 

Most children in Africa are orphaned because of HIV/AIDS, disease, or war. And these children are left alone to fend for themselves. For example, the number one cause of death among orphans in Darfur has been wild animal attacks.These children are not only vulnerable to animal attack, starvation, and disease, they are also preyed upon by slave raiders.

My goal is to raise $1,000 during the month of January. $1,000 provides for FOUR orphans for one year. Your money will help provide safe housing, protection, food, education, spiritual direction, medical attention and vocational training.
$1,000 can easily be accomplished by...

1 donation of $1,000.
4 donations of $250. 
10 donations of $100.
100 donations of $10.

According to GFC, 528 people follow and read this blog. 
If each of those people donates just $5, I would raise more than double my goal.
We would be able to provide for TEN orphans.

You can help promote this project in two major ways...

1) I'd love for you to grab The Tattoo Project (see below) and put it on your blog. If you need the button in a different size, please email me and I'll get it to you! Then share about The Tattoo Project on your blogs, on your Facebook page, on Twitter, in your churches, in your towns...EVERYWHERE!

The Tattoo Project

Spread the word via social media, using these tweets or Facebook updates...

*@texaslovebirds has set a goal to provide for 4 orphans for 1 year. Help her out & read more about her #tattooproject

*Let's make a difference with @mochaclub & help @texaslovebirds meet her Tattoo Project goal! #tattooproject

*James 1:27 -- taking care of orphans & widows is pure & genuine religion. #tattooproject

*Goal: $1,000, four orphans provided for. And a chance for @texaslovebirds to get her BIG tattoo. #tattooproject

2) Of course, I would also love for you to donate if you are able to do so. You can donate by clicking here OR by clicking the "donate" graphic seen above. 

Please know that any money you donate through Mocha Club will go directly to these children, it WILL NOT in any way go towards my tattoo. 

You will receive an email with a receipt after your donation. All donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and learning more about The Tattoo Project. Over the course of this month, I will be sharing more about the project (why I chose orphan care, tattoo design ideas, etc.), Mocha Club, and updates on my goal.  

I so look forward to seeing how the Lord moves through this project and for these children. I expect Him to show up because I know He is faithful and good and has put this crazy idea into my head for some reason. My heart breaks for these children. I hope to see you move and help me be His hands. I am so excited to experience this journey with all of you.

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