Skip The Starbucks & Save A Life

Today, I have a challenge for YOU. 
If you're reading this post I am challenging you to donate at least $5 to The Tattoo Project

I'm asking that you skip your favorite Starbucks drink or lunch out with your coworkers, maybe even empty the coin tray in your car, but I'm challenging you to find $5 somewhere

$5, no matter how little that seems to you, can help provide for an orphan in need! The sacrifice of your Starbucks latte or your spare change can help give a child a future. 

We have already provided for TWO orphans, but there are TWO more orphans to help. It is completely possible for that to happen, but it has to start with you, with me, with us. 

Now, there is a little incentive for you to donate today. Today there will be a raffle for a $40 Starbucks gift card. YEP, $40 TO STARBUCKS!! Pretty awesome, right?

BUT in order to be entered in the raffle you need to donate at least $5 to The Tattoo Project

Once you have donated your $5, leave me a comment! For every $5 you donate, your name will be entered in the raffle. So, donating $25 = 5 entries for you. 

There's no need to tell me how much you donated, the bosses at Mocha Club can make that happen, just leave me a comment letting me know you have. 

So hurry, and donate NOW! This is a ONE DAY ONLY deal! And please tell everyone you know. Today, you have the opportunity to skip a luxury in your life and use that to provide for another one. 

**This Starbucks gift card wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the donations of:**

**Thank you so much friends! Your support means the world to me.**


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