Over the past week or so, people all over the blogosphere have been sharing their New Year's resolutions and I thought it might not be a bad idea to share mine a little more.

As I mentioned in my 2012 recap post, I think resolutions hold a lot of pressure with them, so I chose a word for the year 2013. My word for 2013 is PURSUE. I want to pursue a deeper relationship with my son, my husband, my friends, and most importantly, my Lord. Of course, we're only a week in but I'm pretty happy with the way things are going. I've made some big and small changes in my day to day life to deepen my pursuit of these things.

As soon as Gunner goes down for his first nap, I open my Bible and turn off the world for a little while. I used to spend that time emptying the dishwasher and starting a load of laundry, and while there's nothing wrong with those things, I can tell you that my days have gone much smoother when I put time with the Lord FIRST.

I've also tried to be conscious of how much time I spend on my phone on social media. I'm not saying that social media is bad all of the time, but when I'm focusing on those things more than time with my child, I definitely feel like my priorities have gotten way off. I am always a mother first.

And pursuing a deeper relationship with my husband? Well, we did a puzzle. That sounds silly, I know, but for us, sitting and talking while doing a puzzle is great time for us. No TV. No phones. No laptops. Just small, sometimes deep, talk with my husband. It's been a lot of fun for us. 

I also set a few blog/writing goals for the year which include doubling my readership, attending a blog conference (I already have my ticket for Influence 2013!), and hopefully finding some freelance writing opportunities. 

So what resolutions or goals did you set? Are you still doing well in keeping them?

Today, several of my sponsors are sharing the goals they have set for themselves. I always think it's kind of fun and inspirational to see what people are striving to do or complete. I hope you enjoy reading about their resolutions or their themes for the new year. 

You can click each woman's picture and be taken directly to their blogs.

Tomorrow I'll be back to share more about The Tattoo Project and why I chose to support orphan care. If you're behind on The Tattoo Project, you can catch up here. And if you'd like to make a donation to the project, you can do so here.

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