Prayer Request

 My Dad & me at my college graduation - May 2011

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that last spring/summer (see here and here) my dad went through quite the ordeal after a colon infection. He had two major surgeries and was in the hospital for almost two months. He lost a ton of weight, muscle mass, and strength during his stay at the hospital, so once he was released from the hospital to an inpatient physical therapy facility to get his body back in shape. 

It seemed like everything was on it's way back up as he gained his strength back, went back home, and was able to return to work. Unfortunately, around Thanksgiving, he made another trip to the hospital with severe stomach pain. After multiple tests, they found out that his colon was again severely infected and several parts of his colon that had been cut out because of the infection were growing back again. He has spent the past month or so on strong antibiotics and tomorrow he will go in for another major colon surgery. We're praying this is the last and that things go much, much smoother than last time. While everything that went wrong with the past procedures was said just to be a rare situation, my Dad has switched doctors so we're hoping this time is much easier.

Needless to say, we're all a little on edge because of the seriousness of the surgery and his unfortunate turn of events after the last surgeries. I would so appreciate all of your prayer and thoughts as he goes into surgery tomorrow morning. I know my Dad would appreciate them too.

Tomorrow we have another big event going on in our family as Cody's cousin's labor will be induced and beautiful Kinleigh will be joining the world. Again, I would so appreciate your prayer for Caty, Justin, and Kinleigh. Please pray that labor will progress smoothly and quickly so we can all see that precious face.
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