orphan care + me

On Tuesday, I shared the specific orphan care projects that Mocha Club is currently a part of. And while they are all amazing and inspiring, it wasn't those specific projects that caused me to want to support orphan care.
In fact, the Lord placed orphans on my heart in a very personal way, a very long time ago. I've always wanted to adopt. For as long as I can remember, it has been a part of my family plan. Long before I met Cody or I had Gunner, I knew I'd bring an adopted child into my family. 

Adoption has always been a beautiful thing to me, knowing that I was adopted by God through Christ, brought into his family, made a full heir to His kingdom...and knowing that I could someday bring an orphan into my family, make them fully mine, and give them all I have...isn't that beautiful? 

When Cody and I began talking about someday marrying each other and having children, I mentioned that I'd always wanted to adopt. He told me he had always wanted to too. It was so comforting knowing that I'd met someone that had the same heart for adoption. We talked often about adoption through the years, but never had a specific place we'd like to adopt from or a specific plan for it all. We felt that international adoption was where we were being called but that was the extent of our certainty on the process.

At The Influence Conference, I attended a small group meeting about adoption that was led by Emily Anderson. Emily shared her story about the adoption of their daughter, Elsa, from Ethiopia. She shared the staggering statistics about orphans and Ethiopia and my heart felt so heavy. I couldn't shake that feeling for the rest of the weekend. I came home and shared those statistics and that heavy feeling with Cody and that night we began to feel led to adoption in Ethiopia. We did our research, found an agency we liked, and even looked at paperwork. 

Now, I should be clear that this isn't an announcement that we've begun the adoption process, because we haven't. But we know we will someday. So maybe you can call this our "someday" announcement? And we're hoping that that "someday" will be in the very near future. 

For now, the finances needed to begin the process are more than we can handle so we have begun to save a little each month until we can afford the application and agency fees. Our church is also in the beginning stages of creating a wonderful support program for families desiring to adopt. They have the desire to walk along side those families through the entire process, as well as the process after the child arrives home. We're excited to hopefully be one of the first couples to go through the entire program.

For me, orphan care is more than a cause to donate to. I am more than a voice speaking for those who have no voice. I am a mother hoping that someone, somewhere is doing something to help provide for my future child. 

Thank you for listening to me share my heart on this project and my heart for orphans. To me, this project is so much more than a challenge or a fund raising initiative...it's personal, and I appreciate you letting me share.

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