On The Mend

 right before he was about to tackle me & my camera.

We seem to be on the mend over here. Gunner's sky high fevers are gone and my achy muscles are better. The flu is no joke, especially when it hits an 11 month old little boy. 

Things got a little scary on Sunday afternoon when Gunner's fever spiked at 104. I immediately called the pediatric urgent care office that we'd visited that morning and we were told by the staff that if his fever went any higher than 104.5 that he would be at risk of febrile seizures and we would need to drive him to nearest children's hospital.

After lots of praying and alternating doses of Tylenol and Motrin we got his fever down to a manageable level and it's pretty much stayed there since. And in true Gunner style, his high spirits never failed. He's still been crazy man playing and roaming the house, but just with a few more cuddles thrown in there. And while I hate the sickness, I love the cuddles. 

This was really our first "serious" medical situation when it comes to Gunner. He's had to have a lot of things tested (eyes, hips, heart) but this is the first time that I doctor has actually looked worried when giving us the diagnosis on our son, and I didn't like it one bit. We are so glad to be seeing the light at the end of this sickness tunnel. 

Just for fun, today, I thought I'd share my five tips for survivng the apocalypse flu epidemic.


1) Chicken noodle soup. M&M's. and Dr. Pepper. Need I say more?

2) Create a chart. This is necessary to keep track of all of the medicines, as well as of the food and diaper changes. You need to document the diapers because you want to make sure your baby is staying hydrated and still having frequent wet diapers. You need to document the medicines because when you give a dose at 1:30 am, you probably won't remember what you need to give next at the 4:10 wake up call. 

3) Have a really helpful husband who is willing to take off work, risk getting sick, and manage the household while you wallow on the couch. Still hoping he doesn't come down with anything!

4) When the doctor at the pediatric urgent care office tells you that you most likely won't be able to find TamiFlu in any pharmacies near you, don't listen to her. Call around and find a pharmacy with it. You will find one, even if they have to make it from compound. And be glad you ignored said doctor because your baby got better much quicker, thank you very much. 

5) Find something to laugh at, because when you're quarantined to your house, a laugh always helps. 

Thanks for all of the prayers and thoughts over the past few days! 
They were certainly felt and appreciated. 


PS: Today, I'm also over at Trusty Chucks talking about The Tattoo Project. Check it out?

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