My Top 5 Blogging Tools

In my year and half of blogging I've come across many different blogging "tools." I've tried many different ones, but these five are the tried and true that I use when it comes to almost every blog post. I hope you find a few that you haven't heard of or haven't used before!

1) Photoscape - Photoscape is a free, downloadable program that I use to edit all of my pictures. You can apply filters, add frames, adjust lighting, add words and watermarks, and so much more. In fact, the graphic that you see above was created using Photoscape. One of my most favorite things about it is that any font I've downloaded to my computer is usable in the program. Unfortunately, I recently found out that the program is only compatible with PC's. Sorry, Mac users!

2) iPiccy - I use iPiccy to create almost all of my collages. I've found that the style of their collages differs from many other websites and programs you see out there. You can see my use of iPiccy collages in my Christmas decor post. iPiccy has other features to the website, including some photo editing tools, but I just use it for the collages. Again, it's free and you aren't required to create an account to use it. 

3) Buffer - I use Buffer to schedule all of my tweets and Facebook page updates. It's simple to use, you just have to link up your accounts and begin updating. Buffer also has an app for the iPhone so you can schedule updates on the go.  I also know that HootSuite is another popular option. I've never used HootSuite but I've heard great things about.

4) Rafflecopter - I don't think this is a new one for many bloggers, but I still had to put it out there. Rafflecopter can certainly be more time consuming and tedious on the blogger's end but it's very user friendly for readers and those entering giveaways, and I'm all about making it easier for the reader. Rafflecopter recently rolled out a few new capabilities that are available via a paid membership BUT for right now, the basics are still free..and I really hope they stay that way. 

5) My Blog Planner - Okay, shameless plug. I use my blog planner like crazy and I often hear from the people that purchased one that it's a major help. You can email me rates if you're interested in purchasing one!

So there they are, my top five blogging tools! 
Were any of these new to you? 
What are your favorites? 
Any specific tools that I should check out?

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