More About This Tattoo...

Y'all, it's a little scary to think that we're three weeks into this challenge! As of right now, we have raise $610 which means we are $390 short of our goal! 

When I think of this project in my terms, with my shallow human mind, the amount that we are short seems like SO MUCH..but I know that He has a plan, that He is good, that He has a purpose and I'm praying daily that He helps make this possible. I am so excited about all that has been raised so far, but there is still work to be done!

We have 16 days to finish helping these orphans. 16 days to reach our goal of providing for FOUR orphans for ONE year. Will you please help me continue getting the word out about The Tattoo Project? Consider and pray about donating? I mean it when I say that every little bit helps.

Last Friday, I shared my heart on orphan care...why it's important and personal to my family and our plans to adopt in the near future. It was posted a little earlier than I planned, but when I started reading the feedback that was left, I just went with it. If you didn't read "orphan care + me" last week, I really encourage you to check that out before reading today's is the WHY behind this entire project.

Today, I'll be sharing a little bit more about this tattoo that I'll be getting, and giving you a sneek peek into some designs I'm dreaming up and being inspired by. 

Originally, I was planning to include a quote in my tattoo that I heard in a movie. It wasn't a Biblically inspired quote but I thought it was really beautiful and had a lot of symbolism to it. But like you always hear...RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH when it comes to tattoos and what you'll be having done. So, I did. And I found that that beautiful quote was originally said by the leader of a "religious" group (often called a cult) that doesn't believe at all what I believe, so I said goodbye to that idea. I am so grateful that I found that out before I had the quote permanently put on my skin.

Now, I'm continuing to look around and brain storm a verse, quote, or word that I would like to include in my design. I'd like to somehow include the idea of orphans and orphan care, something that will cause me to remember these children, this project, and my calling every time I see it. 

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'll be including flowers in my design. They're pretty, but timeless, and something I'll never regret. I'm also pretty sure that I'll be going the all black and white route, because it holds up better than color in the long run. I'm obviously not 100% on any of this yet, but I'm also in no rush to hastily decide on something that will be on my body for the rest of my life.

I've been pinning different images that I love and today I thought I'd share some of those with you.


So what do you think? 
Do you have a favorite design?
Do you have a verse, quote, or word I should include?

I really would love to hear your input.

Please don't forget to donate so that we can make this tattoo happen! 

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