Gunner: Ten Months

Your FIRST Christmas! That was a lot of fun. Another first we experienced, but not necessarily a good first, you had the flu. It was the first time you were really sick and it was really scary for us. So glad you're all better now. You're also starting to "babble" a little more, things that sound more like words. But, in your normal fashion, you really love doing a battle cry type of yell.
I think you're just gonna be an early riser. I guess I thought it was a stage you'd grow out of, but no such luck. 
Everything. I can't eat anything around with you without you grabbing at my arms and hands. You eat all kinds of meat really well and you like your veggies.
Not much. You're a very content little boy.
Your ball pit
Climbing on everything 
Being told no
Taking had your fill of it with this flu stuff

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