DIY Apple of My Eye Valentine's Day Card

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When I was in elementary school I loved Valentine's Day. I loved getting to craft a little "mailbox" out of a shoebox, knowing that the next day it would be filled with notes and candy from friends and classmates. 

While Gunner is obviously no where near school age, I thought it'd be fun to send out a few Valentines "from" him. This DIY is super simple and affordable. I made these during nap time, but if you have toddlers or older kiddos, these would be lots of fun for them to help with. 

TOOLS // You'll need an apple, a piece of card stock paper, a sharp knife, a foam brush, and red acrylic paint.

ONE // Cut the apple in half. If you're doing this craft with kiddos, this is definitely a step that the adult should handle.

TWO // Paint one half of the apple. Don't be shy with the amount of paint you use. I really lathered it on. 

THREE // Stamp the apple half onto the paper. Apply pressure, paying close attention to the edges.

FOUR // Let the paint dry. 

FIVE // Add whatever "embellishments" you'd like.

See, I told you! Super fun and easy! 
Let me know if you decide to make these with your kiddos!

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