Copycat Linkup {8}

Another week of Copycat Linkup is here, and to be honest, with the flu still hanging around our house, I wasn't sure I was going to get an outfit picture taken. But yesterday, I'd finally had enough of sitting around in my I put on a cute outfit, took a few pictures, went to Target, and soon realized that I was still entirely too worn down to be out and about.

If you're new to this whole thing and not exactly sure what this linkup is all about, here it is in a nutshell...Take style inspiration from anything -- Pinterest, a magazine, an advertisement, your favorite fashion blogger, ANYTHING -- and transfer that inspiration into your own style using pieces that you currently own. Simple and fun, right? If you'd like, you can read more about my original purpose and inspiration, here.

This week I didn't tackle a specific outfit, but more of a specific style or trend. The military look. It's pretty popular these days, you see the style in pants and structured vests; PLUS, it's super easy to pull off, so I went with it. Here are a few inspirational "military" looks, they all mix every day pieces into the style which I really like...


I also happen to own a pair of camo pants that I wore way back in the very first Copycat post, the Copycat Invitation. I don't wear them nearly as often as I'd like, so I thought I'd whip them out again. Besides, they make me feel pretty sassy. 

Vest: Ralph Lauren, gift // Striped shirt: Target, this season // Camo pants: GAP // Nude flats: Payless Shoes

I also threw on a military/utility style vest with the camo pants, and paired it with a long sleeved tshirt with faint stripes. I think I might belt the vest next time to give me a little bit more waist definition, because who couldn't use that? 

Be sure you check out Elise's look & blog as she's this week's co-host. She's a super cute momma, so I can't wait to see what she has in store! And don't forget to check out what Mary put together for this week, it's always good. 

As always, we'll be pinning your look on the Copycat Linkup Pinterest board. I love getting to see and share what you put together!

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