A Better Generation Tomorrow

Last Tuesday, I officially introduced The Tattoo Project -- a month long fund raising initiative for orphans through Mocha Club. I introduced my goal of raising $1,000 in 31 days. And so far, you have showed up big! I am so proud to be surrounded and supported by people like you. 

As of today, one week in, we have raised $225.00 for orphan care...that's only $25 away from supporting ONE orphan for an ENTIRE year! If we continue to move at this pace, we will reach my goal of supporting FOUR orphans for an ENTIRE year. 

I hope you know how impossible this would be without all of you. I am nothing in this project but one person who believes we can make a difference. You are the people who are helping make it happen. And, of course, absolutely none of this is possible without His grace and providence in our lives. 

Today, I'll be sharing more specifics on Mocha Club and their role in orphan care. I wanted to begin today's post with some alarming statistics via UNICEF. When reading these statistics it is impossible to deny the need for care and assistance of orphans in Africa.

8 out of every 10 children who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS live in sub-Saharan Africa. In the sub-Saharan region there are more than 34 million orphans, 11 million of them have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. In fact, the number of orphans in sub-Saharan Africa would be declining were it not for HIV/AIDS. But because of the disease’s spread, the number of orphans is increasing exponentially. In sub-Saharan Africa, 12% of all children are orphans, compared with 6.5% in Asia and 5% in Latin America and the Caribbean (all statistics via UNICEF).

Mocha Club has partnered with orphan care projects in Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. They have provided children with safe housing, protection, and complete care -- food, education, spiritual direction, medical attention, and vocational training. 

Mocha Club is currently partnering with Adziwa Initiative in Malawi to discover creative and sustainable solutions that meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and socioeconomic needs of children at risk in Africa. 

In Kauma, Malawi, Mocha Club has helped to construct a community center, nursery, children's homes, a primary school and admin offices. In 2011, additional funds were raised to purchase desks, Bibles, and a micro-loan program was established for registered guardians to engage in small business enterprise. As you will learn through the videos below, the Adziwa Initiative in Malawi is somewhat of a "pilot program," a program that Mocha Club hopes to model many other programs around.

In Lizulu, Malawi Mocha Club supports an orphanage that provides food, clothes and school fees to local orphans. The orphanage features a unique solar water pump that provides water to the children of the orphanage, as well as the nearby school and homes who pay for the use and contribute to the sustainability of the pump.  

Mocha Club's end goal is to mold and shape these children into future leaders in their communities. Don't you love that? If we can help give these children an education, teach them skills and trades, these same children can step up and be a generation that changes things from the inside out. 

These children are not just provided for. These children are being invested in and taught to be the type of people and the type of leaders that their region so desperately needs.

I'd love for to check out these two videos below where you can actually see the great work that Mocha Club is a part of. You can hear the children's voices, see them playing, watch them in school. 

In the first video, the head master of the Adziwa Initiative school makes a statement that is full of so much truth; he says..."If you want to have a better generation tomorrow, we have to deal with the children today." 

We HAVE to teach them now. 
We HAVE to invest in them now. 
We HAVE to provide for them now. 



So can you invest in these children today? Can you be a part of the change in this generation? I hope you will consider doing so. These children need the people, the change behind Mocha Club. And Mocha Club needs giving people like you.

Thank you to everyone who has spread the word so far. I would so appreciate you continuing to do so. Spreading the word is the best way to help us continue raising funds.

A few people have approached me with the opportunity to guest post on their blogs..if you are also interested in having me guest post about The Tattoo Project, send me an email and we'll get details worked out. 

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