Where We Belong

Earlier today, a review and giveaway of a Christmas book posted. And tomorrow, there will be a light hearted post about a few beautiful Christmas cards. Between those things though, I had to acknowledge the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut. 

It's a dark world that we live in when we fear sending our children to school. I worked in a school and I fought hard to make my students feel safe in my classroom. That statement reads weird to me because I never called them my students, I always called them "my kids"...because they were. I cared deeply about their safety, their well being, their happiness, their souls. And schools everywhere are filled with teachers who want "their kids" to feel safe, and some dark person came and changed that...forever.

I have no idea what to say in situations like this. I am no good at tragedy. I want to curl up in my home, tuck my little family away, and never let this world touch them. I want my son to always think this world is something to smile and giggle at. I never want him to realize the hate and evil and sin that plagues us. 

Tonight, my heart is with the families that have lost their innocent children. They will not be forgotten. Tonight, my heart is with husbands, wives, and children who lost their spouses and parents. What brave souls they were. Tonight, my heart has to cling to more because if all there is is this earth, I am so disappointed in it. Tonight, in a small corner of my heart that hasn't been overcome by grief, I rejoice because this world is not my home. Hallelujah that Jesus will come and take us to the place we belong. 

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