The Best Gift

When I think back over all of the years, I can't help but realize how blessed I have been. Christmas (and my birthday which follows soon after) was always full of thought out presents from my parents and family, not only things we needed but things that we really just wanted. Now, as an "adult," when people ask what I want for Christmas or even what I need for Christmas, I find myself at somewhat of a loss. Still, I am not in want. I am not in need. I am incredibly blessed. 

This month I asked my sponsors to share what the best give they've ever received was, and I sought out to answer the question myself. It's been difficult to answer. Sure, I've received many great gifts -- the iPod I had to have, jewelry, a new laptop, the Nikon DSLR camera Cody bought me this year -- but when I think of real gifts, I don't think of any of those things.

For me, the greatest gift I have ever received has been the people in my life. My two parents who made the Christmas holidays magical and joyful. My two younger brothers that I share so many wonderful memories with. My husband who is a gift every day of my life with his patience and grace. And Gunner...I don't even know how to describe how I feel about him. He is my heart outside of my body. Those people (and many more) are my greatest gift.

As you'll see, my sponsors share a similar sentiment, the people in their lives and the events that involve them, mean the most. I love that in a world and seasons of "wants," that most people still think of more than that. 

You can click on each person's graphic to see their blog. Please take the time to visit at least one of these women that I so appreciate. xo

What is the best gift YOU have ever received? xo

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