Sponsor Us In January

With the coming new year I have some major resolutions planned for this blog, as well as a super-big-exciting-kind-of-scary-project coming in the month of January. 

I'll be sharing details about that project on January 1st, but I can tell you now that the money I make through sponsorships and purchasing of ad spaces will be a complete blessing and help to this project! If you are able to invest in ad space this month or in reserving a spot for the future months, it would be so so appreciated. 

Here are my stats as of December 29th:
  Followers via GFC, RSS feed, and Bloglovin: 722 (+51 from last month)
Twitter followers: 813 (+55 from last month)
Facebook fans: 317 (+10 from last month)
Instagram followers: 371 (+20 from last month)

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