Our Christmas

Christmas was quite the blur in our neck of the woods. The week and weekend before Christmas, we had two Christmas celebrations and on actual Christmas day, we had four celebrations. It was a whirlwind of food, gifts, and family time. 

Cody was on shift for Christmas Eve so we planned to start our marathon day of celebrations when he arrived home. Our morning began a little crazy with a big thunderstorm and pouring rain rolling in around 6:45, along with freezing cold temperatures. We lost electricity while Gunner was eating his morning bottle and I was baking the our cinnamon roll Christmas tree breakfast. I felt self imposed stress creeping in as each minute without electricity passed. I had to remind myself to deep breathe while Gunner and I sat near a candle and waited for Cody to get home. Luckily, the electricity returned and I finished baking our breakfast. 

Santa stopped by our house and brought Gunner a ball pit, books, and a few other small toys. We opened gifts and then ate breakfast. Gunner had his first cinnamon roll and he pretty much loved it. 

After Gunner's morning nap our marathon began with a trip to my Mom's house to open presents, then lunch and present opening at my grandma's house, and lastly, Cody's parents to celebrate and eat dinner there. Our boy who normally has predictable nap times and schedule, did great as we moved from house to house, I was so proud of him. And somewhere in the mix of it all, a beautiful snow fell.

We ended the day feeling incredibly tired but incredibly blessed. Gunner was showered with gifts through out the day, but was most importantly showered with love -- the people, the family in our lives are really our biggest blessing. God has been so good to us. I hope you had a great Christmas, whether you're done celebrating or still have a little more to do. 
Next week we'll be back to a typical blogging schedule and I'll be introducing a HUGE project for the month of January. I hope you'll come back to hear more!

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