My Worst Nightmare

I wrote this post on Sunday night and I am just now posting it on Tuesday morning. I hesitated out of fear of what people might say or think of me as a mother. You know, the good ole' anonymous commenter always rears his/her head in these scenarios. However, I decided to post it in hopes that people will educate themselves and learn what to do in similar situations. 

Gunner is 100% boy. He is a busy body and is always on the go. He is in every nook, corner, and cranny of our house at least ten times a day. He likes to move from room to room and I usually follow along and let him do that. I try to keep all small items off of the floor and out of his hands, and I've done all of the baby proofing you're told to do. 

Today, my worst nightmare occurred. Cody is on shift and I spent most of the morning picking up the house from our busy weekend. Gunner and I were killing some time before we left for lunch by sitting and looking outside our back door window. I had my eyes on him the whole time and watched him as he picked up a small piece of plastic wrap off of the floor. I took the piece of plastic wrap from his hands, sat it next to me, and made a mental note to be more careful the next time I'm wrapping gifts. He continued to play. I swear I can't think of a moment that I wasn't watching him, but I must've looked away and he grabbed the piece of plastic wrap again. Only a few seconds later, he looked at me and began coughing and gasping for air. His face was bright red and he was struggling to breathe.

I knew that since he was coughing he hadn't swallowed the piece yet. I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt the piece of plastic slip into his throat. I tried to reach down and grab it but it kept slipping down. I placed Gunner face down on my forearm and began to hit the heel of my hand in between his shoulder blades. He was crying, jerking his body, unsure of what I was doing. I continued to hit his back until he began to throw up saliva. I sat him up, stuck my finger into his mouth, and was able to retrieve the piece of plastic. In reality the whole ordeal was probably about thirty seconds, but it felt like forever. 

It was easily the worst moment of my life. It was my worst nightmare.

Parents, I am begging you to learn how to administer the infant heimlich manuver and infant CPR. If it wasn't for the things that Cody has taught me from his professional training and the articles that I have read, I would have had no idea what I was doing. Being educated is the difference between a terrifying situation and a 911 call..or worse.  

If you can take an official class at a hospital or local CPR business, I strongly encourage that. If you are unable to do that, there are so many great articles on the internet that give you step-by-step directions and use graphics; here is a great article from BabyCenter

I'm not sure how to wrap this post up except to be so incredibly thankful that our little moment ended the way it did, and to know how much more proactive I have to continue to be. Thank the Lord for his plan and grace. Tomorrow is a new day. 

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