More Beautiful Than Twinkly Lights {A Giveaway}

Gunner is still young (almost 10 months old, eek!) but I can already see him taking in the magic that is Christmas. He is mesmerized by lights, loves the sound of jingle bells, and is a pretty big fan of all of the Christmas cartoons we've been watching. I can't blame him. Even as an adult, I get so giddy at this time of the year. The hustle and bustle is exciting, perfectly wrapped presents are so much fun to open, and it's always kind of fun to make a wish list. 

But as a Christian, I celebrate and acknowledge Christmas for a much greater reason. I celebrate the birth of MY Savior, the birth of YOUR Savior. I celebrate the fact that the God of the universe sent His only son to become human, to be the son of teenage parents, to be a humble man who did no wrong. I celebrate the fact that that same little baby would grow up to take on my burdens and save me. And that story? It's so much more magical, so much more beautiful than twinkly lights and a claymation Rudolph.

And as a Christian mom, I always wonder how you make sure that your children focus more on Jesus and less on Santa. I'm always looking for resources...movies, songs, books...that teach kids the real meaning of Christmas and the beauty in the little baby who came to save us. 

When I first received my copy of One Wintry Night by the late Ruth Bell Graham, I knew I'd found a resource to add to my "files," a must read for every Christmas. This book, which contains several short chapters, begins with the story of how humans first sinned and ends with the saving grace that is Jesus. The illustrations alone are breathtaking but Ruth Bell Graham's writing is just as beautiful. Gunner likes to flip through this book and touch the beautiful shiny images. And I've already read through the book several times -- I just really love it. 

And today, I am so thankful to be able to share this book with one of you! I know that it will make a beautiful addition to one of your homes and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 


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