It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Three years ago, when Cody and I celebrated out first Christmas as a married couple, we owned no Christmas decorations. I was 20 years old and had never lived in a home of my own. Cody was 23 and had 5 roommates before I moved in. We definitely didn't have the money to spend on decorations, we were just scraping by to purchase gifts for all of our family. A lot of scraping by occurs when you get married at the ages of 20 and 23.

But, we did have a lot of great family who gave us Christmas items here and there so that we could decorate our home. We were incredibly thankful for that. We still are. But, the decor we were given was never really the style I wanted. 

So this year, when Cody received his Christmas bonus and asked if I'd like to spend it on all new Christmas decor, I was extremely excited. I married a genius of a man when it comes to financial planning, meaning we've already saved for all of the Christmas gifts we'll be purchasing, so it was really a blessing to be able to spend this bonus on decor. We went with a mostly red and white color pallet, with pops of lime green in there.

I spent a full day last week decorating our house, getting the tree set up, and that night we decorated the tree as a family. Here are a few sneek peaks at the decor in our main living room area. Let me know if you'd like to know where any of the items came from!

The pine cones on the mantle are really special to me as I picked them up a few years ago at my great grandmas house. I had the privilege of growing up and having a relationship with three of my great grandmas. The pine cones are just a little reminder of the times I spent out in the country with them.

We also bought a brand new fake tree this year. Growing up we always bought a real tree, but with a husband who has bad allergies and a crawling, picks up everything and puts it in his mouth son, I know it's not smart to have pine needles all over the place. The tree is my pride and joy because I thought a lot about ornaments, ribbon, and colors, and I love the way it turned out.

When we went with the mostly red and white theme, we didn't even think about the fact that a lot of Cody's firefighter ornaments would stay within those was kind of just a cool accident. Here are close ups of a few ornaments..

I've got a few DIY projects in the works that I'll probably detail on the blog once I'm finished. I've also been sharing little bits of Christmas in our house over on Instagram, so follow me at @texaslovebirds if you'd like to see those.

Do you have all of your Christmas decorations up yet?

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