How Do You Celebrate?

Yep, this was Gunner's first visit to meet Santa and he slept through it, every last bit of it. It was kind of precious and Santa said it was the easiest picture he'd taken all day. Such a sweet first memory and picture that we have.

After visiting Santa, Cody and I began talking about how we'll do the whole Santa thing in our house. With it being Gunner's first Christmas, it really doesn't matter yet but I know that soon enough these are things we'll want decided. We know people on both sides of the fence -- people that celebrate with Santa, and those that don't.

We both grew up in house where we were told about Santa so I doubt that we'll completely eliminate the idea of him. I totally understand why people don't tell their kids about Santa, and sometimes I think their argument/opinion is valid, but I can't see myself being one of those people. 

So far, the most well balanced approach I've seen is parents telling their kids that Santa brings their stocking stuffer items and that Mom and Dad buy their gifts. In this approach, kids still get the "magic" of Santa but know that their parents worked and saved to pay for their presents. I kind of like that, the acknowledgement of hard work and that gifts aren't free.

Really though, I just want to know what you think...

If you have kids, how do you celebrate Christmas in your house? Santa or no santa?
If you don't have kids, how did you celebrate when you were growing up? Did you like it that way?

I can't wait to hear what you think! xo

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