DIY Christmas Gift Wrap

This Christmas I did a fun little gift wrapping DIY. I know we're nearing all of our Christmas celebrations but if you haven't started your wrapping yet, and you want something original, this is the simple DIY for you.

I bought all of my supplies -- roll of brown craft paper, stamp, white acrylic paint, foam brush, and yarn for the bows -- at Hobby Lobby. It was considerably cheaper than the wrapping paper and stick on bows that we normally use. 

The process is obviously simple...paint the stamp, stamp the paper, wrap the gift. When I posted pictures during my gift wrap making process, several people called me "crafty." Y'all, I am far from crafty. This is such a simple project, you can't mess it up. 

I also had a few people ask why I used paint instead of an ink pad. One, ink pads can be pricey and I'm cheap. Two, I wanted the stamp to be really bold and I knew that the acrylic paint would achieve that. The paint washed off of the stamp very easily.  

Lastly, I recommend stamping all of your paper beforehand. It'll seem like it takes forever but the result is much better when you stamp before wrapping. I got lazy and decided to stamp the last few presents after I wrapped them, but it didn't work out too great; I wasn't able to create enough pressure to get a good stamp.

I really love the way it turned out. I think the simplicity of it is really beautiful.
Let me know if you create or have already done DIY wrapping paper of your own!

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