Little Mementos {A Giveaway!}

Sometimes I feel like I remember things from childhood that I couldn't possibly remember; nothing spectacular, just something simple...a shirt my Mom wore, a toy that I had. We talked about this at Thanksgiving, maybe you just remember things from pictures or stories told..but, I like to think that you remember those small things because of the special place they held in your heart then and now. Little mementos of who you were and what you've become...

One of the things I remember is a little Precious Moments Christmas storybook that I owned. I can't say I remember the specific illustrations or what stories or songs it included, but I remember it being a part of our home during Christmas time.  

As a Tommy Nelson Mommy, I receive a new book for Gunner each month. We usually get to choose a book from several different titles, so when I saw that the Precious Moments: Christmas Bible Storybook was one of the choices, I had to get it. 

It's been such a joy to see the book that I remember, in my own son's little hands. He's obviously a little young to understand the meaning of Christmas now, but that doesn't mean we don't tell him all about it. And I know, in the years to come, that this book will get a lot of use in our house. 

The book, of course, includes the nativity story, but it also includes several other Bible stories, Scriptures, and Bible song lyrics. The story of Jesus' birth is adapted from International Children's Bible, so it's super easy for kids to comprehend and it is full of the sweetest illustrations. In the coming years, I picture us reading a page a day in the month of December. As I love the magic and joy of Santa Claus and Christmas time, I want my kids to know the real reason we celebrate Christmas in our home. 

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this Christmas Bible storybook, I highly recommend it. You can preview what some of the pages look like here, and if you love it like I do, you can order your own copy here

But you won't have to worry about either of the above options if you are the winner of the giveaway for your own copy! Yep, Tommy Nelson is giving away a copy to one of you too! This storybook would make a great addition to your home library, or a great gift if you don't have a little one of your own. 

The giveaway ends Friday, November 30th. The winner will be announced on this post via the Rafflecopter gadget and will also be directly emailed by me. Good luck! xo


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