Last Minute DIY: "Thankful" Garland

If you've spent this week worrying more about what Thanksgiving foods you'll have prepared and less about how you'll decorate the space, then I have the perfect, last minute DIY project for you!

I whipped up this "thankful" banner in about 15 minutes all while watching a football game with Cody. Most of the 15 minutes was spent cutting out the letters because that was a little tedious. I've received lots of compliments on it, and I've loved seeing it hanging above our mantel each day of November.

1) Print out big, bold letters. I used Word and sized each letter to take up a page.
2) Cut out each printed letter. 
3) Trace each letter onto a piece of colored paper. I used a thick card stock.
4) Again, cut out the letters.
5) Tape letters to a piece of string.
6) Hang garland above fireplace, across your table, or anywhere else!

Let me know if you make your own banner! If you post it on Instagram or Twitter, I'd love for you to tag me using my username, @texaslovebirds.

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