Gunner: Eight Months

Gunner will be nine months next week. He will be out in the world as long as he was in my stomach...crazy. So, it's time for his eight month post. Eight months has definitely been my favorite thus far. He is so much fun and I love seeing his little personality develop. 

You've stood a few times on your own, but not enough to say you're standing yet. You're so so close! You also spent your first extended amount of time from Mommy and Daddy. You were spoiled by your grandparents the whole time.
Honestly, you're just really inconsistent. Some mornings you sleep till 7:30, other mornings you're up at 6:00. Some days you nap really well, other days you don't nap more than an hour total. That's okay though, we just kind of follow your lead and when you seem to feel like you need sleep and that's worked out just fine. 
Constantly. That pretty much says it all.
While Mom and Dad were gone on vacation, you developed a pretty awesome fake cry/whine. Other than that, you're really not much of a crier...unless you run out of food.
Dogs. You always smile and laugh when you see one
Making fart noises with your mouth
The dumb songs Mom makes up
When Daddy gets home from work
Windy weather
Wearing socks

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