Copycat Invitation

Before I had a baby, I didn't care much about clothes. I know for most people it's the opposite, but fashion never mattered before. I was pretty much perfectly happy with my body; in other words, my clothes didn't really make me feel more confident or better about myself..I was blessed to feel both of those things already.

But when Gunner came and my body changed (hi there, stretchmarks and hips I'd never had!), I found that I didn't feel as confident in just a pair of jeans and a tshirt. Sure, I still rock that look on a pretty regular occasion BUT I found out that I felt best about myself when I put some effort into how I dressed, into the outfits I wore. 

Enter my wonderful husband who told me to take a good amount of money and slowly buy new pieces for my wardrobe...things that fit me, things that flattered me, things that made me feel good. And so I've been doing that slowly. 

Still, even though I know I'll feel good when I actually get up and put on an outfit, it's often hard to find the motivation or time to put together a new "look." I needed something to keep me accountable. I needed something to help me say -- "I know I probably won't even leave the house today BUT I'm worth something and I deserve to feel that way."

And so the idea of Copycat came to life. 

Starting Thursday, November 29th and each Thursday following, Mary from Trusty Chucks and myself invite you to find outfit inspiration from someone or something else, translate it to fit your life and closet, and then show us what you came up with. 

Your inspiration can come from ANYWHERE -- Pinterest (I have a "style inspiration" board to keep track), magazines, advertisements (most stores send out great outfit inspiration in their emails), other bloggers, a manequin in a store -- ANYWHERE!

Today, Mary and I are each sharing our first Copycat posts. I'm sharing a look inspired by a GAP advertisement, and Mary is sharing a look inspired by one of her favorite fashion can see her post here

My first look was quite the step out of my comfort zone. Mary was with me when I bought the GAP camo skinnies and even when I bought them, I knew they were out of my comfort zone. However, I've been pretty dumbfounded when it comes to what to wear with them. When Mary sent me the GAP advertisement that inspired this look, I decided to just go for it. And...I loved it. I never would've put these patterns together, but it really worked.

 Flannel shirt: Target // White tanktop: Target // Camo skinnies: GAP // Nude flats: Payless Shoes

Next week we will be back with a list of guidelines and reminders for the linkup. For now, we'd absolutely love you to spread the words by posting the button (seen below) on your sidebar, sharing this post on Facebook, or tweeting/Instagraming about it using the hashtag #copycatlinkup. 

If you'd like to post the button on your blog, please grab and use the HTML coding below the actual button so that it links back to this page:

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Mark your calendars, y'all. November 29th we copy the world.

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