You Make Beautiful Things Out Of The Dust

I've talked about the feeling before. That moment when you hear something, read something and everything is put into perspective. When your biggest "problem" pales in comparison to what has just hit you in the face.

Enter the non-profit organization, fashionABLE 

I first heard about fashionABLE when Barrett Ward, who is also the brain and heart behind Mocha Club, spoke to us at Influence Conference. 

I should clarify that the delivery of Barrett's message wasn't harsh or brutal, or even "in your face" for that matter; but the reason for's purpose, it's mission...could not be ignored.

While I could try to put into words the impact of this organization, this video that is filled with stats and clips of real life Ethiopian women speaks the mission perfectly... 


Amazing, right? The purchase of a scarf gets these women off the streets and into a sustainable job that can provide for them, their children, their families. And something I really love? When you purchase a scarf, you also receive a hand written note from the woman who made your scarf, from the woman whose life you have helped change. 

As we near the holiday season and the duties of Christmas shopping begin, I ask that you consider making a purchase from fashionABLE. These scarves would make a beautiful gift or even a cute stocking stuffer. I don't know a woman who wouldn't love to wear one of these beautiful scarves. So often during the holiday season, we think of those less fortunate than purchasing a scarf from fashionABLE, not only are you thinking of them, you are providing for them.

Please check out the fashionABLE website to learn more about this wonderful organization and to see some of the beautiful women behind it. 


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