What's In My Conference Bag

Tomorrow I leave for Influence Conference! That's so crazy to me. I remember signing up for this conference in the very early stages and it's finally here. I want to thank all of you for your supportive thoughts and words on yesterday's post...they all meant a lot.
I've seen several ladies doing this so I thought I'd share what I was carrying in my bag during Influence. I'll probably end up carrying all of this around in my Land's End tote bag because it's the perfect size to carry throughout the day.
1. My journal (with cover from Homespun Happiness) and my favorite felt tip pens. I'm still debating on whether I want to take my laptop to the sessions. There's something about pen and paper, and I know I'll bring this super cute journal no matter what. 

2. My wallet...an obvious one, right? It's got my debit card, some cash, and of course my I.D.

3. I always carry this little bag from Rags to Stitches Boutique. I fill it with my all of my daily must haves...chapstick, sanitizer, mascara, a compact mirror, etc.

4. My Kindle. I like to be able to read my books whenever I have a small break. Plus, the eBooklet for the conference is downloadable, so my Kindle is just one place I will download it.

5. My iPhone and charger. I won't lie, my phone is always attached to my hip. I'll be keeping my charger with me because honestly, the iPhone battery life is horrible. 

6. Gum...no one wants to be the girl with bad breath.

7. Business cards! I am in love with mine. Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs designed them and they are just perfect. Read this post if you want to see the design up close. 

8. SNACKS! I'm a total snacker so I always like to have a granola bar or two in my bag.
Have you ever been to a blogging conference? What did you carry in your bag? Am I missing anything?
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