Jac From babEblessings: A Guest Post on Prayer

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Hi everyone, It’s Jac here from babEblessings. Carly and I are off enjoying some amazing time at Influence and being blessed by the amazing speakers and other attendees. So I thought I would share with you something that has blessed me a lot in the last year and a bit.

In 2011 the prayer team I was on read this amazing book by Richard Foster. Simply titled “Prayer” it rocked my thoughts about prayer and how we pray, and the different kinds of prayer. There were so many different aspects of my personal prayer life that we effected by this book, but the one that really stood out for me was creating a habit of prayer.

Some people may look at prayer as a habit as a bad thing; that if it becomes a habit then we mean it less; as something we shouldn’t make habitual. Well here’s my thing, if we pray just when we want something it’s like writing a letter to Santa. How is praying for just what we want communication. If I only ever communicated with Brian when I wanted or needed something our relationship would break down. And if the communication is only one sided how do we grown in our relationship?
babEblessings JacE babE prayer letter to santa

I also feel that a lot of people are selfish in their prayers. They only ever pray about themselves, their family, the issues that directly affect us. And to be honest if you asked me years ago, this was me. However in the last 2 years I have made a huge effort to be less selfish and pray for little things that pop into my head.

Here are a few things I did to make prayer a habit in my life and to make my prayers less selfish.

• Every time I drive or walk by a hospital, school or government building I would pray for the workers, students, patients in the building.
• Praying for small businesses at every stop light or stop sign. Praying for them to blossom despite the economy, that they would be a blessing to the community
• Pray for first responders whenever you see a fire truck, cop car, ambulance or a fire station
• Get a whiteboard marker and write a list of people and things to pray for on your mirror, and then pray for those people as you brush your teeth or wash your face.
• Pray for the residence every time you pass a retirement home or group home

I try to add one new habit to my prayer list every month. A new idea for when I can pray. Can I pray while I’m running, can I pray while I’m doing groceries, what about when I’m cooking dinner?

Making prayer a habit isn’t a bad thing, and making those prayers unselfish prayers can me an amazing way to communicate with God. I have been so blessed when I’m praying for others.

I would love to hear your thoughts on prayer and making prayer a habit. How do you add prayer to your daily life in an unselfish way?  

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