Gunner: Seven Months

With Gunner turning 8 months old this week, I really needed to get his 7 month post up. And with this post, I am finally caught up on my Gunner monthly posts. 

Excuse me while I marvel at the fact that my baby boy is 8 months old.

You had your first ear infection and viral infection. It was no fun seeing you sick. When we took you into the doctor for being sick, you weighed in at 19 lbs. 8 oz.
You'd been doing much better with nap times but when you got sick, everything was thrown off. We're still working on getting you back to good napping. You're also still getting up crazy early..think 6 am, and slowly getting up earlier. (Any mommas have tips on this one?)
You love it. You want to eat everything, always. You're constantly grabbing at everything on the table. It won't be long till I'm sharing my plate with you.
Lots of separation anxiety crying. You hate when I leave you in a room by yourself. If I leave you, you're normally chasing after me, pulling at my legs.
Trying to chew on Moose's dog bone
Snacking on puffs
Singing songs
Looking out the window
Being in your highchair for too long
Sitting still

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