Watching: Sons of Anarchy and Parenthood. SOA has been a little heavy lately, and I guess Parenthood has been too. Parenthood is a different kind of heavy, at know the this really sucks, but it's normal life and we'll get through it, kind of heavy.
Reading: Bloom by Kelle Hampton. I started it several months ago, and somehow stopped reading it. That's of course not to say that it's not interesting or moving, because it is most definitely both, but I just stopped. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone. I need something new when I'm done. Suggestions?
Thinking about: what a momma bird I've become. Seriously y'all, it hurts my heart to think about some of the things that Gunner is going to have to go through and deal with as he grows older. I don't want the world to touch him. I want to keep him with me forever. Of course, I know that I can't and that a little hurt often works out for good, but I still wish he didn't have to deal with those things. Geez Carly, slow down. He's only 8.5 months old.!
Excited for: The holidays! This is my most favorite time of the year and I really can't wait to celebrate Christmas with Gunner.  

Loving: cooler weather! The back and forth Texas weather drives me crazy, and it's supposed to get warmer again later in the week, so I'm enjoying it while I can.
Let me know if you do a "Currently" post, I'd love to read it! 
Original idea from Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.
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