Thrift Store Shopping...The Easy Way

Do you know those people who seem to find the coolest things at thrift stores? 

I'm totally not one of them. I really wish I was, but I feel like all I ever find is junk. Maybe I'm not patient fact, I'm sure that's why I never find great items, I just don't have the patience (or time) to wade through the junk to find the gems. However, I've recently discovered thrifting for the busy or impatient person. 

Last week I mentioned that I opened my own Instagram "Shop My Closet" account where I was selling gently used items from my family's closets. I'm happy to say that I've sold almost everything that I've posted, but even more, I've found TONS of great stuff. Y'all, last week I bought 15 pairs of pants (ranging from 6m-12m) for Gunner for $28 (shipping included in that price). These pants were in almost perfect condition. Honestly, if I didn't know they'd been worn before, I would think they were all brand new. 

I've done a lot of searching through shops from the comfort of my couch and I have found tons of great items and stores. And the best part? I haven't had to wade through junk to find those gems. People only post what they actually think they can sell, so it's all good.

Today, I thought I'd share with my fellow Instagram lovers some shops that you should check out. I've listed a good assortment of shops and have tried to categorize them. Follow these shops, and you're bound to find some great deals. 

@wornbycove - lots of cute boy things in many different sizes!
@gently_worn - great selection of boys clothes 
@dyeoutgrown_outfitters - boys clothes! 
@deerylou27 - mostly boy items but women's clothing occasionally sold
@davys_anchor - i've bought several items for Gunner from this shop and was so pleased with them
@littlepearlscloset - mostly girl items, including handmade flowers for little girls' headbands

@kennedyscloset - amazing vintage pieces for women
@mrscgcampbell - one of my favorites for women's clothing
@littleredcloset - tons of really pretty women's clothing
@upclycleclothing - more women's clothing!
@socalcloset - modern and vintage women's clothing
@closetshopaholic - modern women's wear 
@perfectlyjennscloset - women's handbags, jewelry, and clothing
@retailisforsuckers - amazing finds 
@rethread - just bought a dress from here and i love it! 
@ericasyardsale - she's having a sale right now. check it out!
@txlovebirdscloset - this is my shop! :)

@ourhouseshop - one of my favorite shops! i got the previously mentioned pants from this shop.
@birdiescloset - precious little girl items and great deals on some women's designer brands
@goldenagecloset - mix of little boys, little girls, and women's clothing
@themattscloset - another mixture shop. several designer purses at great prices. 
@shopsweetpeascloset - little boy clothing and awesome women's clothing. i love it all.
@aqcloset - little girl items and women's items  
@redbudyardsale -  modern and vintage clothing and household items
@pinconegardencloset - great finds for women, babies, and a few for men too  

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