This One's For The Boys {A Giveaway!}

I feel like I go to Target multiple times a week. I'll admit, sometimes I create reasons to go or sometimes I'll go browse the aisles for a little "me time" once Gunner goes to bed. It doesn't matter how many times I go though, I always take a quick walk through the baby clothing section. 

And no matter how many times I browse that sections I'm always a little frustrated by the selection (or lack there of) for the boys. If you're a momma of a boy, you totally understand. While there are TONS of girl outfits...dresses, onesies, skirts, shirts, tights, leggings, shoes...there are far fewer choices for boys. Unfortunately it's not just that way in Target either, it's that way in most stores.

So when Meredith of Babiease (a mother of three boys!) emailed me and asked me to check out her shop of super cute boy items, I kindly obliged. And no worries for all you momma's of baby girls, there are plenty of items for you too!  I loved it all and was so thrilled when she asked if I was interested in writing a review of one of her products. I, of course, was happy to do so. 

Meredith emailed me and asked me which fabrics of hers I liked the most and she made a custom bib for Gunner. Y'all, it is so cute. The design is incredibly unique, like nothing I've seen in stores. 

But more than it's looks, the quality is incredible. Since Gunner is teething, we often use the bib through out the day to keep his clothes from getting crazy soaked in drool. The fabric is so soft that it's comfortable for him to wear as he plays, but it's also so thick and absorbent. The fabric is unlike any other bib we've purchased..most bibs he is able to drool right through, this one he never does.

Here it is on the big guy...

My cousin-in-law is pregnant with her first baby and I can't wait to order a few custom made bibs and burp cloths for her precious baby girl, especially knowing that the pieces will be things you don't see everywhere.

The best news? Today, you have a chance to win this custom bib from Babiease

The bib is obviously made for a little boy, so if you don't have a little boy you can enter and gift it to a friend if you win. I promise they'd be happy with ya!

And if you can't wait and want to order something fabulous now, you can use coupon code TXLOVEBIRDS for 10% off your order in the Babiease Etsy shop

The giveaway ends September 20th. I'll email the winner, get your address, and mail you your bib. Good luck!

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