Swing, Swing, Swing

A few nights ago when Cody returned from a Home Depot trip, he walked in and stated..."I bought something we hadn't planned on." My first thought, "Great, what expensive power tool did you buy?" My second thought, "Oh well. He rarely splurges on anything."

But then my sweet husband lifted up an outdoor baby swing that we could hang on our new patio. I love that man. Even his "splurges" are for our son. He never thinks of himself first. 

Now, I definitely wouldn't call the purchase a "splurge" or something we didn't need. We've already use the swing like crazy. I start most of my mornings pushing Gunner in the swing with a hot cup of coffee in hand. And while Cody grilled burgers on the patio on Saturday afternoon, we were able to sit/swing and talk to him. It's been really great.

I really want Gunner to be a kid that spends time outside...none of that playing video games or watching TV 24/7, and I think this swing is already a small step in that direction. I can't wait for playing catch and camping in the backyard. 


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