letters to Pearl {a collective tale of hope}

That beautiful baby girl is Peal Joy Brown.

You may remember me writing about her about a month ago. When I wrote that post, Pearl was just over a week old. And now, Pearl is over a month old. She has defied medical odds again and again; she is a miracle, she is a fighter. Pearl is proof that doctors don't decide our fate, but the all knowing, almighty, powerful God does. To me, Pearl is proof that God cares intimately about each of us, even the smallest of us. 

And you guys...your comments, your reactions, your tweets to the Brown family, your desire to help, your love, your thoughts, your prayers...you are proof that there is still good in this world. That there are people all over the world that still care for others and hope for others and pray for others. That compassion hasn't disappeared because of our technology driven, go-go-go world. No, in so many ways, technology has enhanced our  ability to communicate compassion, especially in the case of Pearl.

So many have asked how they can help and today I can tell you that there is one specific way that the Browns could really use your help... 

Pearl's blog has been updated with details on the need of a van for this new family of five. You can read more about that need here. And then, like I know you will, spread news of this need like wildfire...take it to Twitter, Facebook, your church's weekly bulletin...just help us get it out there!

However, there is something else that I'd like to invite you to be a part of. 

If you're like me, your life has been touched and forever changed by Pearl's life; and while Pearl's story has been told time and time again, YOUR part is missing. You are an important part of this story. 

On Monday, September 10th, I invite you to join me and Amanda for a link-up called "letters to Pearl." * (or on Facebook or via mail. Details below)

All you have to do is write a letter to Pearl...tell her how she has changed you, how she has moved you, what you hope and wish for her. By telling your story you will continue to help tell the story of Pearl.

The Details:
1 // The Letter to Pearl link-up will be open from Monday, Sept. 10th to Friday, Sept. 14th. It will be hosted on both this blog and Amanda's blog.
2 // Rather than retelling Pearl's story, simply link within your post to Pearl's blog, to Ruth's letter, and/or to yesterday's Washington Times article about Pearl.
3 // Then, talk to Pearl. Tell her what knowing her has meant to you.
4 // You may use any pictures from this post or from Pearl's blog to include in your post.
5 // Feel free to also link to the Browns' support page to raise awareness of the Van Fund. You can also grab the code for the ChipIn widget for the Van Fund here, and you are welcome to use it in your blog post or sidebar as well. (Click the link underneath the ChipIn donation box for the code.)

*For Pearl's non-blogging friends, Letters to Pearl is now a Facebook event, too!
Join the event here, and share your letter on Facebook next week. 
See the Facebook event page for details.  

You may also send a handwritten letter or copy of your post to Pearl & family. Send to:

Letters to Pearl

c/o Eric or Ruth Brown

PO Box 160083

Nashville, TN 37216
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