iPhone Photo Dump {16}

We've been busy around our parts, which is pretty obvious from my lack of pictures. Gunner attended his first football game last Friday and was so amazed by all of the noise. Cody's younger cousin was marching in the band so we also got to see her perform. Cody and I are huge football fans and still love attending high school games in our hometown, so it was a lot of fun to take G to one.

Unfortunately, we're also busy nursing our sweet boy back to health. I thought G was just pushing through a bad round of allergies but when he had a fever Wednesday evening I decided to take him to the doctor Thursday morning. Gunner official has a viral infection that led to his stuffy nose, congestion, an ear infection in his right ear, and a minor case of pink eye. Poor boy. Seeing him sick just kills me.

We'll spend the weekend taking care of G and have a family party planned on Sunday afternoon. Hoping he'll feel much better by then.

1. Morning walk at the park.
2. Playing N64 with my boys. Probably one of my favorite pictures of us.
3. Gunner and Code at a friday night football game.
4. Trying to swing away our runny nose...Hollywood style.   
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