iPhone Photo Dump {15}

We've got some family time planned for this weekend and some finishing work on our back patio. We'll also be getting into the gym for our Crossfit workouts. Cody has been doing Crossfit with the guys at work for some time, but we just started doing them together on his off days. It is so my kind of workout. 

We also started a new Bible study this week that I'm really excited about and hope to be able to share with you as we get farther into it. 

How was your week? What are you doing this weekend?
1. Gunner's new hat. My heart exploded when we tried it on him.
2. Remotes. Why do we even buy him toys?
3. Oh, just talking to the vacuum. It's his new thing.
4. Working out. We've started Crossfit..I'll be blogging about it soon!
5. Chipotle date with my boys.
6. Pantry & fridge post paleo clean out..plan to blog about this too!
7/8/9. LOTS of time in our out door swing this week!

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