I Haven't Forgotten

Last year on September 11th I was in my classroom talking to a bunch of 7th graders about 9/11. Though they were alive on that day, they all were really too young to remember anything about it. I was in 7th grade when the attacks happened and remember it vividly.

We read a poem about 9/11 and watched a slide show of pictures from that day. I emailed all of the parents before I taught the lesson, wanting to make sure they were all okay with us talking about elements of that day in detail. I received lots of emails in return stating full support of the discussion. The day of, I was so amazed how little many of the students knew. I didn't understand how a major piece of our history had been passed over, gone untaught in their lives.  They were so interested, wanting to know every detail. I had prepped myself for possible insensitive comments, the kind 7th graders so often make when they're just trying to be funny and fit in, but there was none of that. There was complete love for our country. There was complete admiration for the firefighters and police officers who showed up for a regular day of work and lost their lives trying to help others. And oh, the pride and patriotism in their country that arose in their hearts -- it was beautiful. 

As a firefighter wife, I can tell you that Gunner and my future children will know about this horrific day. They will know about the attack and what happened on that day. But they will also know about the bravery, the love, the fight, the pride that we all showed in those days. I want them to know of that, just as much as they know of the evil. 

I don't know what else to say about today. I feel like each 9/11 anniversary becomes more "normal," kind of passed over but I don't ever want to be that way. I hope you don't either.


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