For All My Influence Conference Peeps

Today, the community leaders for Influence Conference are hosting a link-up party on the Influence Conference blog for all conference attendees. I'm not usually a big link-up party person but I wanted to take the opportunity to meet other conference attendees. 

If you aren't going to the conference...well, first of all, you're missing out and I'm sad for you. But second of all, I hope you'll still read this post and learn a few things about me. Even if you aren't attending the conference I highly suggest you checking out the link-up party, I can guarantee you're going to find some amazing people and some amazing blogs.

Okay, let's get down to the questions we've been asked to answer...

Three Get-To-Know-Me Things:
1) I only taught for one year before staying home with Gunner, but other than being a mother, I know it was my #1 calling. I really miss it in a lot of ways, but I still wouldn't trade being home with my son (and future babies). Maybe someday I'll return to teaching, we're also considering homeschooling too.

2) It's kind of funny because I don't really write this way on my blog, but I'm extremely sarcastic. I don't think sarcasm transfers too well in writing, guess that's why I don't write that way. I also try to keep my sarcasm for people I know well because I don't want it to come across as harsh to those that I don't know. 

3) I'm extremely wordy, which is apparent by numbers one and two. :)

Two Things I'm Looking Forward To About The Conference:
1) Meeting women that I have created online friendships and relationships with in the past year or so. I feel like I know them so well already and I can't wait to connect beyond the computer screen. 

2) Meeting people I've never heard of or from. I know anyone who is attending this conference is similar to me in one major way...they want to use their influence for His good, and I think that's pretty fantastic. 

One Thing I Can't Leave Home Without:
My keeps me in contact with anyone and everyone that I love. It'll definitely be a necessity on those few conference days away from Gunner and Cody.
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